Diet plans for less sugar and salt

By | April 16, 2021

diet plans for less sugar and salt

While fad diets might promise double-digit weight loss in days — without any exercise — a simple low-sugar and low-sodium diet puts you on track for longer-lasting weight-loss success. That’s because sugar directly contributes to weight gain, and many sugary or salty foods are high in calories, which can make you pack on pounds. Fill your calorie-controlled diet with minimally processed, low-sugar and low-sodium foods, and you’re well on your way to your weight-loss goal. Cutting down on sugar should help you shed pounds almost immediately, especially if you’re currently noshing on sugar-laden foods. At 4 calories per gram, sweets, baked goods and other sugary foods can pack in hundreds of calories for very little nutritional value — so they’ll make you gain weight without nourishing your body or helping you feel full. Sugar also contributes to chronic diseases, like heart disease, that might impact your ability to stay active and torch calories throughout the day. Focus on cutting out added sugar — the stuff used to sweeten foods — instead of worrying about the natural sugars found in foods like fruit and milk. To nix added sugar, you’ll want to avoid the obvious culprits like soft drinks, candy, sweet chocolate and baked goods, but you should also look out for added sugar in healthy foods, like yogurt and bread.

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