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Despite Biden’s ban of menthol cigarettes, getting Blacks to quit smoking remains a challenge

Health Politics A woman smokes a cigarette in the pedestrian plaza located in Times Square in New York City. (Photo by Daniel Barry/Getty Images) President Joe Biden is taking aim at the tobacco industry with another racial equity move to ban menthol cigarettes.  The administration’s decision stands to be a life-changing proposition, especially in the… Read More »

Keto diet app challenge

A community. Kick-start your keto diet and join the our free Day KetoDiet Challenge. This article I lost 15 pounds 6. Never feel hungry. I downloaded this App just out of interest to see what the composition of my diet actually is, using it just for a few days. Cronometer has the ability to track… Read More »

26 weeks diets challenge

Back to Healthy weight. Avoid Low-Fat or “Diet” Foods If weight loss is a part of your plan this month, you’ll probably be interested to learn that science says full-fat dairy will help you shed more weight than low-fat dairy. Evening meals are ready in 15 minutes. Large cast-iron skillet optional, but helpful Switch from… Read More »

Jlo 10 day challenge diet what to eat

With her toned physique and gorgeous complexion, Jennifer Lopez seems to 01 found the fountain of youth — or, at least, a really great diet plan. March 05, Low-Sugar Lifestyle. Still, for a challenge like this, weight helps you measure your progress. Although the JLo Challenge eschews dairy, I discovered that feta cheese has no… Read More »