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High cholesterol: MHRA approve new drug to lower cardiovascular risk – side effects

Vazkepa (icosapent ethyl) is designed to reduce the risk of deadly cardiovascular conditions for people who are already taking statins and have elevated triglycerides of more than 150mg/dL. Professor Gabriel Steg said: “Icosapent ethyl could reduce cardiovascular events and has the potential to change the way residual cardiovascular risk is treated. “This authorisation of icosapent… Read More »

Diet to lover cholesterol fast

Park farther away than you normally do. Alexandra Grablewski Getty Images. Product Reviews. Plus, help with quitting smoking and losing weight may already be covered if you have health insurance. Raw nuts are high in unsaturated fats — which are the best kind of fats. It’s all about doubling down on certain heart-healthy ingredients when… Read More »

Diet for improved cholesterol

Wesley Milks MD October 29, As a cardiologist, patients often ask me for ways to lower their cholesterol without taking statins. They wonder how effective and viable alternatives can be and what strategies they can use to lower their cholesterol in other ways. A focus on a plant-based diet, reducing saturated fat, and increasing fiber… Read More »