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Seniors Dying After COVID Vaccine Labeled as Natural Causes

This article was previously published February 2, 2021, and has been updated with new information. By February 2021, round the world, reports were already pouring in of people dying shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. In many cases, they die suddenly within hours of getting the shot. In others, death occurs within the span of… Read More »

A new risk factor for ‘breakthrough’ Covid infection in fully vaccinated has been found

COVID-19 is an unpredictable virus: some people catch it and are asymptomatic. Others, on the other hand, can end up in hospital. The Covid vaccines deployed against the viral disease have made it far less unpredictable by making it less severe. Despite the palpable benefits of getting vaccinated, breakthrough Covid infections have cropped in fully… Read More »

Is COVID a turning point for sustainability in hospital supply chains? [PODCAST]

“Scarcity has, in many ways, defined the COVID-19 experience in the U.S., from shortages in personal protective equipment to ICU ventilators and hospital capacity, to COVID test kits, to drugs like Remdesivir in hard-hit states. These shortages have added impetus and new dimensions to existing conversations around health care supply chains, some of which had… Read More »

‘Proof that shows teachers are not at greater risk of catching Covid in school’

Teachers are not at greater risk of catching Covid in the ­classroom, an excellent study from New ­Zealand found ­earlier this year. But it’s taken us a while to catch up with this thinking – and there have been many calls to keep our schools closed as a result. Reassuringly, new research from ­Scotland has… Read More »