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Expert shares six indications that dry eye could lead to ‘concerning eye problems’

Marchetti said that when eyes are “overused, or there is a lack of blinking”, the tear glands don’t produce enough tears to lubricate the eyes. “When this eye action fails, dry spots appear on the surface of the eye,” she pointed out. Dry eye syndrome can make driving and reading uncomfortable, and you may become… Read More »

Masks ‘probably won’t do any good’ after July 19, top SAGE expert claims

Masks ‘probably won’t do any good’ after July 19 because not enough people will wear them, top SAGE expert claims Professor Graham Medley said still lack of evidence about how useful masks are It was his personal belief face coverings only work when ‘everybody’ wears one From July 19, people in England will no longer… Read More »

Lag between COVID-19 vaccine boosters, new variants highlight need for therapeutics, expert says

While work on COVID-19 vaccine boosters is already underway, one expert warned that emerging variants threaten to create a “window of susceptibility,” which without therapeutics could lead to more virus-inflicted death. “Of course there’s a need for boosters,” Dr. Jonathan Javitt, CEO of NRx and adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, told Fox… Read More »