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Can a Mediterranean Diet Actually Help Protect Against Memory Loss?

According to a study, a Mediterranean diet consisting mainly of olive, vegetables oil and fish, and could help protect against brain shrinkage and protein build-up and which can result in Alzheimer’s disease.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCEDOI: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000012067 Researchers investigated abnormal proteins known as tau and amyloid. Tau is a protein that develops into tangles, and amyloid is… Read More »

Increase of Certain Fatty Acids Can Help Reduce Migraine Severity

Migraine is among the biggest reasons for disability worldwide. Current treatment options are sometimes inadequate for providing complete relief for sufferers. Research has found that a change in diet provides one more option sufferers are able to use in their attempt to have less headaches and migraines.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCEDOI: 10.1136/bmj.n1448 Polyunsaturated fatty acids, which the… Read More »

Hypertension is killing pregnant mothers. Blood pressure monitoring can help. [PODCAST]

“Hypertensive disorders with onset during pregnancies are among the leading causes of maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in the U.S. and can have far-reaching consequences for the long-term health of the mother and child. In Dr. Jerome Adams’ recent Call to Action to recognize and address hypertension control as a public health priority, the… Read More »