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Wisconsin long term care diet

Long-Term Care Insurance covers services that are typically not covered by health insurance but are vital for the patient, such as assistance with activities of daily living e. This type of insurance provides financial protection from the rising costs of long-term care. Coverage for care in non-institutional settings, such as assisted living, adult day care,… Read More »

Diet coming off long water fast

So you’ve had exclusively water for quite some time and now it’s breakfast — or break fast if it’s not the morning. But what should you eat now? It’s important not to reload your body with the wrong things, and it’s also important not to reload the wrong way. Perhaps most importantly, though, you need… Read More »

Long term health risks of bad diets

Heart disease is the number one killer in the US and in most of the world — and perhaps the most tragic aspect of this statistic is the fact that cardiovascular issues are usually avoidable with a exercise and a healthy, well-portioned diet. Current guidelines recommend getting less than 2, mg a day, but Americans… Read More »