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Why remove gluten from your diet

And even if you do not have celiacs we are compromising our colons by eating a protein called tissue transglutaminase. Meats and vegetables are a position the writer of this simply, indefensible. Improved ability to pay attention. You might experience frequent constipation. Shop our Vitamin D Test. Naomi pretty much dier it. We have each… Read More »

Can keto diet make your period late

And instead of focusing on a specific diet, like the keto diet, it’s most important to find a sustainable and healthy diet that helps you maintain a healthy weight—and ultimately, a stable period, says Chaudhari. In the beginning half of the cycle, we are more sensitive to the effects of insulin and therefore able to… Read More »

Can salt ruin your diet

Your body needs sodium to maintain the balance of fluid in your body, influence muscle contraction and relaxation and transmit nerve impulses. It’s easy to think of salt and sodium as being the same, but they’re not. Table salt is 40 percent sodium and 60 percent chloride, according to the Colorado State University Extension. However,… Read More »